Some girls in London escorts go on holiday to enjoy the sun and sea, but I like to go on holiday to enjoy a little bit of a romance. Am I serious about my romantic holiday liaisons? I guess that I would be if I met the right guy, but I have not met the straight guy so far. I look at my holiday romance as having a little bit of fun, and I love to have fun on my holidays in many different ways.


How do you pick up a holiday romance? The most important thing is to be very outgoing and be able to chat with guys. I make a lot of dinner dating with London escorts, so I usually don’t have a problem when it comes to picking up a holiday romance. The best thing you can do is to hang out in bars and perhaps a few classy clubs. Going out for lunch at midday in places like Spain works well. You will always come across some lonely guy who wants a bit of company.


Do I seek to profit from my holiday romances? I don’t always, but I must admit that I have met a couple of guys who have spoiled me. Recently, I have discovered that cruising is the perfect way for me on holiday, and I love it. Some of the girls at London escorts thought I was mad when I started to take cruise holidays, but if you are looking for single guys with a bit o money, they are the ideal place to take a holiday.


I do on occasion go on holiday with one of my friends from London escorts. It must be a like-minded girl who understands what I do on holiday. I am not so worried if the girl picks up a guy and has some fun with him. After all, that is what the holiday is all about. Sometimes it is easier to pick up guys when there are two of you. It is a little bit like guys see you a single straight away and don’t assume for one moment that you might be gay or bisexual.


Of course, I do spend time on the beach and try to see my holiday romance in the evening. It is not a very expensive way to holiday as the guys seem to pay for anything. I don’t tell any of the guys I meet on holiday that I work for London escorts. Do I hear from the guys when I get home to London? I do. On occasion, I meet up with them again. But holiday romances often stay where they start, and I have to say that I am not into long term relationships at the moment. However, holiday romances are fun, and I think that most ladies do believe that. If you are looking for a holiday romance, remember to be friendly and chatty, and you will soon hook a guy.

My holiday romance
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