To be honest I am totally new to escorting but I have read a lot about it. None of my friends are escorts but I have become fascinated by being an escort. It sounds like a very glamorous profession. At first I thought I wanted to be a lingerie model, but after a while I realized that there wasn’t enough money in modelling, so I resigned. Now, I am working in a cocktail bar. The clients in the cocktail bar always say that I have a really nice figure and think that I should be doing something else. In fact, a couple of them have asked me out on dates.

It was the comment of one gent in particular that grabbed my attention. He says that he dates Knightsbridge escorts from, and that I have all of the right assets to come become an escort. He says a girl like me with lovely hair and a sexy figure, would do really well working for an escorts agency. He has given me a phone number to the agency but I am not so sure you apply by telephone

I know that Knightsbridge escorts are always recruiting. It can be quite difficult to find escorts for high end or elite escort agencies. The thing is, you need to be sophisticated and glamorous at the same time. The gents who use central London escorts agencies expect the best at all times. The bosses can afford to be picky as you will be very paid. However, they also look for experience. If, you have experience of escorting you are much more likely to reach your goal of becoming a Knightsbridge escort here in London.

I would suggest that you send in some of your modeling photos to a couple of different Knightsbridge escorts agencies. You will find that most of the agencies have application forms on their web sites. Complete the form with all your personal details such as bust size, height and weight, and attach your photos. If they think you are a good fit, the agency will shortly contact you and you might get an interview. Escorting may sound like a glamorous job but it can be hard work as well, so you need to be prepared for that. You need to work hard an be sociable.

A lot of girls would like to become Knightsbridge escorts. Yes, it is a good job but you will be at the pinnacle of escorts in London. many of the girls who work for agencies in Knightsbridge have had a lot of experience and this is why they have been recruited. If, you are very sexy and have some special qualifications such as massage training, it will help as well. Agencies are keen to employ girls who have worked with the general public and perhaps looked after gents in an other capacity. Applying in writing with good photos is your crucial for your success.

I would like to work for a Knightsbridge escorts agency.
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