Being an adult is very simple and does not need any focus and attention. Working as an adult is not very simple and has a lot of meaning. Acting like an adult is not fun and requires you to be in an uncomfortable place that you would instead not want. It is simple to have an excuse whenever when you are a kid. Every time I made a mistake at home like when I destroyed my mom’s favorite vase, I got so scared what my parents would do to me, so I blamed it on my brother.   I said that he broke the vase because he was running all around the house. And I immediately got away with it with no consequences. Sometimes when I go to school and forget to do my homework, I will make some alibi to my teacher to excuse me for my homework and pass my subject. I also lie about to my parents all the time to get what I want, it was easy for me to do and it was okay and typical for a kid to behave like that. But when I grew up as adult things change every time, I commit mistakes or errors now it has consequences. People start treating you as an adult and not a kid anymore. Life gets harder and more stringent, you begin to learn to about patience and kindness. As a kid I didn’t know about working hard to live, I just got what I needed as I needed it for free. Now I work hard to pay for the things that I want. Like the time that I want to have a beautiful watch, and now no one will buy it for me. And I had to work hard for it to have it.   As an adult, you also have to act appropriately every time now, when things are not going your way. You have to be patient and tolerant and have to accept the bad things in life. You are not allowed to act like a kid and cry or be angry easily. But it’s not always sad or hard being an adult. There is also a lot of positive side. Now you have freedom; you can do the things you want to do that as a kid cant. Now I have a good job and has the freedom to be the man that I want to be. Having a lot of time for friends and extracurricular activities like painting and having a class for sports that was passionate. Now I can book Notting Hill escorts freely and casually when in times if needs. Because Notting Hill escorts from are my medicine for stress and depression.

Being an adult and acting like an adult is two different things to me.
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